What to eat — Taco Mama Mobile, AL

What to eat — Taco Mama Mobile, AL

One of our favorite spot for nachos and margaritas is Taco Mama in Midtown Mobile, AL! 

You choose your protein and entree (burrito, tacos, nachos, etc) and all the toppings are free! 

Here is my favorite nacho order, try it next time you visit:


-black beans

-pickled jalapeños on side



-roasted corn


-salsa ranchero



-sour cream


-shredded cheddar


-chipotle ranch

Steak Nachos

Steak Nachos closeup

You can also order kids size nachos or do surf and turf nachos by adding shrimp for $4 extra!


The steak or barbacoa quesadilla is my fav. Look how much food you get and it’s good everytime! Here is my quesadilla order:



Sour cream





Black beans

Roasted corn

Chipotle ranch

Cilantro lime vinaigrette on side

Mac and cheese: made from scratch in house!

Pomegranate Swirl Margarita

The pitchers of margarita are the best value, so bring a friend. Hubby and I like to get the house and pomegranate swirl or just the pomegranate is the best.

Frozen Margarita

Margarita on the Rocks Patron

For margaritas in the rocks I like mine with Patron! Have you eaten here? What is your signature order?

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