Stylist Spotlight: Destiny Johnson

Stylist Spotlight: Destiny Johnson

Meet Destiny Johnson, a licensed cosmetologist and tight curl specialist in Nebraska.
How did you become a tight curl specialist?
The moment I took my first class through Cut it Kinky, I knew that I wanted to focus on tight curls. Although it can be hard to find a curl specialist whether you have tight curls or not, I knew from personal experience that women with tight curls have the hardest time finding someone who wants to do their natural hair without altering it chemically or straightening it all the time. 

How have you grown as a stylist since specializing in tight curls?
When I first started, I focused a lot on setting the curls to perfection. As time has went on, I’ve started focus on the fun of tight curls. For example, a sharp and intentional cut can carry a style even if it’s not perfectly defined. Same with color, it can really add dimension to your style. And everyone isn’t in to a super defined look! Helping my clients find their personal style helps round me out as a stylist. 

What do you wish more people knew about tight curls especially their own?
That they’ve never met their real hair if they haven’t washed regularly and stopped using oils and butters. 
What impact do you want to have on the tight curl community?
I hope that I can add a little more versatility to the tight curl community. I’m constantly taking classes for cutting, color and styling so that every cut doesn’t have to look the same. 
How should new clients prepare for your services?
Lately, it’s been feeling like clients have to do a lot before getting an appointment and that can feel so overwhelming and intimidating. If your mind is ready and open for your first appointment, I can guide you from there!
What are your specialties/favorite styles to do?
My favorite service to do is color. I also LOVE doing someone’s first wash and go. It never gets old introducing someone to their natural curls! 
What is your favorite part of a service?
Educating the client on how to keep up with simple basic hair care. It gives them freedom to play with their hair without worrying about “protective styling” for the rest of their life and still not seeing the growth they want. 
How can clients book your services?
They can book at
Do you offer virtual consultations?
Do you do kids hair? How young?
I don’t do kids hair. You have to be at least 12 years old to have an appointment. 

What’s your favorite color?



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