Stylist Spotlight: Cassidy Marie Hair

Stylist Spotlight: Cassidy Marie Hair

Join me for an interview with Cassidy Marie. Y'all know I love tight curl haircare and think everyone who can should partner with a tight curl specialist to reach healthy hair goals. 
Cassidy at work doing what she loves!
N: How did you become a tight curl specialist?
C: When I got my cosmetology license in 2014, I was doing a lot of flat iron services, relaxers, roller sets and color. When I went independent as a stylist, I asked myself what I wanted to focus on behind the chair. At first, I chose color services! My clients were going natural and wanting color to add some fun, but I noticed most of my guests didn’t know how to care for their natural curls. Because of this I was worried their hair would become more prone to breakage or dehydration if we added a chemical on top. This led me to want to help them learn how to care for it. I loved connecting with my natural hair guests so much that it quickly turned into me dedicating my hair career to curly naturals, launching Curl Care Education and I have not looked back since! 
N: How have you grown as a stylist since specializing in tight curls?
C: I’ve seen the most growth in myself as a stylist since specializing in tight curls because in order for me to be of help to my guests, I first needed to seek out help. I remember when I went independent and wanted to focus on curls more I feared I was not able to be trusted by clients to help them reach their natural hair goals. I was once told by one of my mentors, “Every student has a teacher, every teacher has a mentor, and every mentor has a coach.” I love the growth I’ve seen in myself as I learn and take in more knowledge about what my passion is. With that knowledge came a lot of confidence and trust in myself. I now love being able to focus in on a very underserved community as a stylist and partner with them on their hair journey. We have all been on our own, I was helped on my hair journey as a consumer + a stylist, and now I love being able to help others on their curl journey as well. 
N: What do you wish more people knew about tight curls especially their own?
C: I wish more people knew how much simpler caring for their natural hair could be. We all have had a 5-10 step hair regimen and still felt dissatisfied with the results at times. The simplicity that hydration could solve so many of our hair challenges as well as get us the styling results we are searching for as curly naturals is why I love teaching people how. Watching someone’s face light up after seeing their curls in a way they never have before is a feeling I want every curly natural to feel!
N: What impact do you want to have on the tight curl community?
C: There have been moments that I’ve gotten to witness a client actually see themselves and love what they saw for the first time after learning how to care for their hair. Being able to help even 1 person to love their hair more and see the beauty in it is all I could hope for as a stylist. The more I’m able to help, the more joy it brings. 
N: How should new clients prepare for your services?
C: After filling out a New Client Inquiry form on my website, I send over a New Client Guide that walks them through how to start their hair detox in the weeks leading up to their first appointment. Following these care instructions helps to maximize the results during their first session where we can dive deep into their care regimen. 
N: What are your specialties/favorite styles to do?
C: I love offering my Curl Care Education + The Curly Works service. It’s a detox treatment, hydration session, Hydrate & Define curl set, and a curly cut appointment while we explore their hair elements and how to care for them. Education is able to be poured out as they watch their own hair be done step by step!
N: What is your favorite part of a service?
C: My favorite part of any service is the shampoo session. It’s the time I can reset and renew my guests hair. It’s the time they feel most relaxed and I enjoy seeing their hair become a clean & hydrated canvas again for their next style!
N: How can clients book your services?
C: After filling out a New Client Inquiry form on my website, I personally send a booking link with information on the best recommended service for a new guest and their specific needs! The best place to start is
N: Do you offer virtual consultations?
C: Yes, I offer 1:1 virtual consultations!
N: Do you do kids hair? How young?
C: Yes, I do kids hair. My youngest guest has been 4 years old. 
N: What’s your favorite color?

C: My favorite color emerald green!


Learn more about Cassidy's My Curl Care Education Course + Full Wash n Go Tutorial a10 Lesson virtual course on how to simplify natural hair care & reach hydrated curls!
  Here is the link:
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