Innersense Organic Beauty - I Create Curl Memory for Tight Curly Natural Hair

Innersense Organic Beauty - I Create Curl Memory for Tight Curly Natural Hair

The latest styling product from Innersense Organic Beauty*

I Create Curl Memory

I Create Curl Memory

What is it? A strong hold styling gel.

How does it compare to other Innersense Organic Beauty products?  It has more hold than I Create Hold but less Hold than I Create Definition. The consistency isn’t as thick as I Create Hold and you don’t have to add as much water.

Drying time:  I Create Curl Memory dries more quickly than I Create Hold, when I used it with I Create Lift or layered it with other gels the drying time is faster.

Star Ingredients: I Create Curl Memory uses sucrose/honey for hold and aloe/bamboo extract for hydration.

Does it work on 4c hair? Yes! You can use it alone but I’m a fan of products layering. I used it with I Create Lift a defined voluminous wash and go. Innersense Organic Beauty consistently makes products with all curls in mind.

Pricing: I Create Curl Memory is available in 3 sizes: 2oz $10, 10oz $28, 32oz $70.


You can also use it as a topper with your favorite base gel.

For the most defined curls, I dry under a hooded dryer for 1 hour and avoid touching curls until they are completely dry.

See full review and how to use it on my Patreon.

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Thank for the review, was really curious about this new gel and you gave lots of good info. Might consider trying it when I am out of my current gels. Does it give you that sticky-ish feeling while styling kinda like the foam (I Create Definition) that also has sucrose in it?


Great information. Can’t wait to try it.


Hi Nicole. Thank you for your review. I’m glad to hear you like ICCM. I can’t wait to receive mines to try on myself and clients!! I’m still a huge fan of Innersense products. My hair doesn’t behave the same when I try incorporating other product lines into my hair care regimen.


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