Circle Skirt Calculator

Circle Skirt Calculator

Who loves circle skirts?!


So fun, flowy, feminine and vintage like!

Circle skirts can be made in varying degrees of fullness





And Double Full.

Circle skirts are great because you can add fullness to the hem without bulk at the waist.


The half and full circle skirts are ones I’ve made most often and the double circle skirt is on my to make list for this year.

The calculations in this post are for 1/2 and full circle skirts with no pockets and seam allowances include in the measurement calculation!


Half circle skirt: (waist measurement in inches + 1 inch) / 3.14

The 1 inch is for the 1/2 seam allowance on each side of the back where the closure goes.

Full circle skirt: (waist measurement in inches + 3 inches) / 6.28

The 3 inches is for the two 1/2 seam allowances on the front skirt piece and four 1/2 inch seams allowances for the 2 skirt back pieces.

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Should I do a part 2? How to calculate fabric? Leave a comment with your favorite type of circle skirt!

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