Chelating Shampoos for Natural Hair

Chelating Shampoos for Natural Hair


Chelating Shampoos for Natural Hair*


Essential elements of my hair: fine texture, high density, tight curls, permanent color.

What is a chelating shampoo? It is a shampoo formulated to remove mineral deposits on the hair by breaking the bind between the minerals and the hair.

Un do goo

How do minerals get on the hair? The minerals can come from hard water, chlorinated water 

What is the active ingredient in chelating shampoo? EDTA, Disodium EDTA, Tetrasodium EDTA, or citric acid are the common ingredient used in chelating shampoos.

Curl wellness packet

Chelating shampoos: Malibu C specializes in making shampoos tailored to remove different types of minerals.

  • Un-Do-Goo: Clarifying and chelating, use every 4-12 weeks for tight curly natural hair
  • Hard Water Wellness: prevents water deposits from building up on hair. 
  • Swimmer Wellness: removes chlorine and copper build up
  • Scalp Wellness: shields from scalp irritating elements in water
  • Curl Wellness: repairs damaged curls
  • Hydrate Color Wellness: prevents dryness and color fading

Where do these shampoos fall on the shampoo spectrum? Un-Do-Goo is a clarifying shampoo. All the other ones are all purpose shampoos.

How often should I use it? No more than once a week accept for Un-Do-Goo, it is also a clarifying shampoo. Tight curly natural hair only needs to be clarified every 4-12 weeks, not weekly.

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Watch Reel to see how to use the Curl Wellness Bundle.

*This article contains affiliate links through which I may earn commission. Information is based on my personal experience and research. Consult with your hair care specialist for specific recommendations to address your hair concerns.

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